Tips to Double a Pull Up Number Within a Month

You’ve been working out for some time now and you mastered a pull up and other basic exercises. I suppose that now is a time to get your workouts to the next level by increasing a pull up number.

In this article I will show you some tips that worked for me and a few other people who train with me. We basically doubled our pull up numbers in a month by combining different approaches in our workouts.

So if you’re interested in building your upper body to the next level, what’s a better way than doing pull ups? Read this article and become a pull up beast within a month.

#1 Forget about the volume

The biggest mistake new athletes constantly repeat is doing fewer repetitions in a single set. For example doing 20 sets of 3 – 5 repetitions. That’s good for some other things, but if your goal is to increase pull up number, then forget about this approach.

At the beginning of your workout session do a few sets of maximum repetitions. Try to increase the number of each set by every training and in a month you’ll see you become stronger and able to do more pull ups in a set.

#2 Negatives, negatives and once more, negatives!

A lot of people forget about the power of negatives. Negative movement of a pull up is when you’re going from a top position of pull up (chin above the bar) back to the beginning position. That’s pretty straight forward. Key tip here is to perform negatives very, very slowly.

Try to perform a negative movement that lasts for 5-10 seconds. Increase that number by each training.

#3 Magic number of 100 pull ups

This one is my favorite. Simply, do 100 pull ups in at least sets you can. If you need to perform 20 sets to do 100 pull ups it’s ok. Try not to cheat and always do your best. Try to beat a number of sets each training.

This one is really good because it motivates you to beat your score by each training.

#4 Additional weights

If you’re advanced athlete who have just reached a plateau and it seems that you can’t do any more pull up, here is a great tip for you.

Add additional weight on you while doing pull ups. It’ll shock your muscles and also you’ll build strength required for doing more pull ups. This tip can do wonders to your numbers.


Start today and double a pull up number within a month!

I shared with you four tips that worked for me. It’s important to note you don’t need to implement all tips in your training at once, but implement one per time and experiment. If one tip doesn’t work for you, try another one or combine two tips.

By implementing these tips in your workouts you’ll surely double a pull up number within a month.


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