What is a Gaming Headset?


Have you ever heard the term “gaming headset”? The chances are you heard about it if you ever tried to play a video game in your life.

The term is regarding the headset that is used for gaming. It means that headset is often a massive one with a microphone attached to it. The majority of gamers nowadays are using or used a gaming headset in their life. The question is: Does this kind of headset really necessary?

Do you need a gaming headset to play video games?

You need a sound output to play video games effectively. It doesn’t matter if the output is a speaker or headset. If you’re playing the video games without a sound, that’s simply not the same experience and you simply can’t play the games like that.

The best way to experience each game is by having a headset on your head because of surround technology so you will feel like you’re actually in the scene of the game. You can literally hear the steps of the enemies, bombs, shots and everything.

In our opinion, the headset or speaker is a crucial piece of hardware you need to have if you’re into gaming.

Why gaming headsets are so expensive?

That’s marketing!

Some brands like Razer or Logitech are in the game for decades and they created a brand so they can pump up the prices. An average price of gaming headset from Razer is around 100$.

That’s so much money for someone who needs a solid headset and who are not professionally into the gaming.

We did many reviews and researches regarding different gaming headsets on the market and we have a conclusion.

You don’t need to spend a whole budget to have a great gaming experience regarding sound!


You can invest a whopping 50$ for a solid headset that can act as a gaming headset. You literally won’t feel any difference in the sound quality, but you will spare so many dollars.

Yeah, that’s true! Gaming headsets from large enterprises don’t often offer any more quality than regular headsets for 50$.

We did a research about the best headsets for gaming under 50$. How we did it?

Well, we read many different reviews from people who actually used the headsets and tried some by ourselves.


Don’t spend your money on expensive and fancy gaming headsets from companies like Razer or Logitech as they are mainly offering you a brand, but not value for the price you paid.

If you’re looking for the value of each dollar invested, you should go for a regular headset with the microphone.

Here’s our list of the most affordable gaming headsets on the market. Check it out and pick one from the list. You can’t miss any from the list, although, we would love to advise you one headset – HyperX Cloud.

This one is definitely the best in our opinion.


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